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tao proudly showing off his “time control” super power

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typical day in taohan’s lives

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28/... TaoHun moments | Flirting on stage is our hobby [x] [x]
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That strong evolution (in CG effects)

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Last night I was reading chapter 16 of "The Great Wonderwall of China" by legna_angel (In AFF), and there is a part, after Kris says “I love you” to Tao, that the youngest is in the shower, crying, and the writer, describes his feelings in this way:

-“Telling someone that you loved them, to Tao, it was like the literal kiss of death.  Why?  Because everyone…EVERYONE…he had ever heard say that to him and  had meant it, had eventually left him.  No one remained.  “-

And then I thought, ironically, in real life, the only person who has left Tao was Kris.

It was so sad for me that I almost cried. Now I understand why it is so difficult for the author to continue the story.

Fighting Legna sunbaenim!And thank you  so much for giving us the best taoris story ever!

♥♥To my fellows taoris shippers, be strong and let’s love, because for us the Taoris will be forever beautiful.♥♥

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Chen hyung taking care of giant baby Tao~

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OMG!!! Chanyeol!! Really!! What are you trying to do??!!

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